Finally, a business performance dashboard for executives

Now you can have the top-down visibility to run your business efficiently.

Your top-down business performance at a glance showing Overall Business Performance Score as well as drill down by department.

Most mid-tier organisations don’t have the top-down Executive Dashboard they need to run their business efficiently

Traditionally, Executive Dashboards are bespoke systems that cost millions of dollars to design, customise, and implement. As a result, many executives depend on accounting and operational information to run the company.

The problem is, accounting information is intended for Financial Officers and Company Directors to fulfil their fiduciary responsibilities. Financials are lagging indicators that only show the effect, not the cause. Poor operational performance can persist for 12-18 months before showing up in the financials.

Similarly, operational information is intended for Functional Staff and Team Leaders to run day-to-day operations, not manage the company. These systems are bottom-up, not top-down; they don’t measure the right things for executives, have inconsistent frameworks, and provide no central executive control.

Accounting and operational information are both important and necessary, but neither is designed for Executives and Organisational Leaders to enable tactical business decisions and manage the company.

Real, measurable results

Smoke Control, an SME manufacturer, overcame growth challenges by shifting from intuition to a structured, data-driven strategy with Headway BI.

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"These KPIs mean I now understand what's really happening inside my business. I can absolutely see how I can now effectively run it from the beach"
Brendan Kennedy
Managing Director, Smoke Control

Meet Headway BI

Unlike other ‘bottom-up’ business intelligence systems that will have you drowning in data, Headway BI is designed top-down to reflect your business structure so you can zero in on the most important insights first.

Headway BI is ready to go, out-of-the-box. We’ll set it up for you and show your people how to run it. You get an enterprise-grade system without the need for an enterprise-sized IT team or budget.

Top-down executive view of business performance

No more drowning in data. Your Executive Dashboard is designed ‘top-down’, not ‘bottom-up’. All the right company performance measures are in one place, at your fingertips. You can simply and easily drill down on department, function, and team performance. It’s all just a click away.

Mature, disciplined monthly reporting rhythm

All your performance metrics are automatically rolled up to an executive view each month. Everything is complete, accurate, and in a consistent presentation format. All of this will align with your monthly leadership planning and alignment meetings. We can provide coaching and coordination to you and your team to help set this up.

See how KPI’s contribute to profitability

With so many conflicting priorities, it’s hard to know what’s most urgent and important. Headway BI links business performance to financial impact so that you know how each KPI contributes to profitability. Conversely, with a built-in accountability model that reflects your organisational structure, you can see the actual value that high-performing employees are creating for you.

Be up and running within 3 weeks at a fraction of the cost

Headway BI comes with out-of-the-box functionality. Whilst we configure it around your organisation, there is no coding, design, or software customisation required. You don’t need an IT team or data scientists to implement it. Even integration is plug and play. With our 4-step implementation plan, we will train your admins and users so they can run it themselves.

Let's have a conversation

Ready to transform your business trajectory? The first step is easier than you think. Start a conversation and begin your journey to business brilliance with Headway BI.

Don’t wonder; let’s talk specifics. By reaching out for a consultation tailored to your business needs, you’re not just starting a conversation; you’re gaining valuable strategic insights. This first step is your pathway to tangible value and business growth.